Secondary Glazing Suppliers and Installers.

We offer a large range of secondary glazing products that are are available in white aluminium and are suitable for all types of buildings.


Suitable for all types of buildings, including schools, colleges, universities, hotels, offices, grade one and two listed buildings, conservation areas, commercial buildings, public areas and for the home.

Acoustic and Thermal insulation for your home or office.

Secondary Glazing benefits acoustic and thermal protection against outside noise. Thermal insulation is another benefit that will keep your home warmer. There are many other benefits:
  • Added Security
  • Suitable for listed buildings
  • Eliminates drafts
  • Lower Heating costs
  • Ideal for conservation areas
  • Block out noise from the outside world

The main element offered by secondary windows include improved acoustic insulation protection from road traffic, planes and the round-the-clock society. Secondary glazing systems also increase thermal insulation, saving energy and cutting down energy bills as well as giving a protecting barrier against intruders.